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New kittens approaching Betazed: Icheb and Kiss me litter!

Betazed Coons is a very little cattery that started its amateur activity in 2007; we began, above all, for our passion and love for those wonderful creatures, bold and fierce, who can always amaze and move us: cats. Our cattery is registered in FIFe as 'di Betazed *SK' and we are 'ANFI (Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana)' members.

If you like Sci-Fi as well as cats you couldn't help to notice some reference in the name we chose for our little cattery: we do think that cats are very sensitive creatures and they seem quite often understand and foresee what their humans think or are about to do, and our cats sometimes gave us a definite feeling as they could actually read our minds. That's why we thought to a little tribute to another passion we share and name our cattery after a telepathic race from a world-wide well known TV series.

In the section 'Our Cats' of out site you will find many pictures, pedigrees and shows results of our cats and, when kittens are available, even option a kitten or reserve it.

We will always keep the site up-to-date with news and informations about our beloved furry friends, so even though you don't find right now what you are looking for retry after some time and you could find some nice surprise.

Meeows and purrs from all the Maine Coons from Betazed & their humans

We really wish to thank, exclusively in appearence order, the catteries: Prince of Maine cattery in Padova for the images of Nessie and Nessie parents Faboulous Freak del Fiore Selvaggio and Wondering Star von Pittental ; Squabby's cattery in Piacenza for the images of Nermal and Nermal parents Squabby's Larry Ashley Taddy III and Csāk Coon Mymosa ; Fayola cattery in Pori (Fin) for the images of Lenie and Lenie parents Younblood of Koi Pond and Fayola Hollywood Mist ; Victory Coon's Ro Laren cattery in Chiusdino (SI) for the images of Ro and Ro parents Justcoons Red Baron and Victorycoon's Olympia .
Obviously we never could thank enough Silvia, Marina, Mirva and Nicoletta e Claudio for their trust and for their wonderful kittens that now make our days bright and happy with their beauty, love and joy to live.

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